Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Battle of March 12th, 2011

Before March 12th arrived, the SDRD Starlettes were probably feeling a little more pressure than usual, maybe it was some anxiety or just pure excitement! And that's because Rage City Roller Girls from Anchorage, Alaska were coming to play. Rage City Roller Girls has some exceptional players with amazing skills hidden by cute uniforms, and they were also seeking a sweet revenge.
Sugar Britches takes Lead Jammer status!
The Starlettes last battle against Rage City was on May of 2010 for the Battle of the Coast in Ventura, CA. This game was extremely close and after a nail biting 60 minutes, it was down to the last block, the last whip, the last jam, the last effort, resulting in Rage City’s loss, and the Starlettes winning the tournament!
Trifecta number 2 of the 2011 season for the Starlettes at Skateworld in Linda Vista started with The Black Team lead by Coach B. Stang against The White Team lead by Sweet Pain. The teams cruised onto the track and started off what would be one exhilarating night. After a very close 30 minute game and to everybody’s great surprise, the White Team did the things right, and won the mini bout with a close score of 48-43! Congratulation White Team!
At 6:00 PM, the music to the national anthem beautifully resonated the arcs of Skateworld, thanks to our very own Stella Hot Mess. Soon after, the moment that SDRD and Rage City Roller Girls had been expecting (as well as the huge crowd) for so long finally arrived , and the ladies in black, silver and pink together with the ladies in black and orange rolled into the track to initiate a historic bout that would end up resembling a fight scene from and old action movie with all the “POWS” “BOOMS!” and “WHAMS!” included.
SDRD had been preparing for hard hitting but they didn’t know that Alaska’s hip checks and rock blocks had tripled in power. MVP of the night Lethal Lavander and her reliable blockers put several of our Starlettes on the ground, and kept our jammers behind the pack; but as many of you already know, the Starlettes don’t give up easily and they LOVE a good fight. They’ve actually been known to perform in super natural ways when challenged to such an extreme!
As usual in a game of such intensity, in the last jam, the Starlettes MVP blocker (for the third time in a row) I.B. Rascal, and her partner in crimnging ande, Buns of Fury worked at keeping RCRG’s jammer behind the pack without scoring, and after a few laps she got sent to the penalty box, allowing a power jam for SDRD, starring MVP jammer of the night, Icepax who skated like a pro, twirled like ballerina and riled up the amazing crowd that attended this epic battle, ending in a tight score of 140 to 119! We would like to thank the ladies from Alaska for traveling to sunny San Diego and for playing one of the most challe exciting games in the history of San Diego Roller Derby! Each and every one of you carry some major skills and left us with a serious case of post bout blues and beautiful bruises. We can’t wait to play again!
IB Rascal waves to her friendly opponents
We also couldn’t let a game go by without thanking our fans for attending our games, cheering us on, and participating in our charity. Thank you for helping us raise funds to Save our Skateworld and congratulations to those who won prizes!
SDRD has lots of derby fun coming up. If you want a weekend full of roller derby action, follow us on the road up to Bakersfield on March 26th and 27th. We will be participating in the 2nd Annual Dustbowl Invitational hosted by Derby Revolution of Bakersfield! Do you want more derby but can’t travel? Come watch your Starlettes play against SAC City Roller Girls on April 16th, 2011!

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