Saturday, December 11, 2010

End of the 2010 Season

The end of this 2010 season put a big smile on all of the Starlettes pretty faces :) On November 13th, 2010 we battled against Prison City Derby Dames and we won! A lot of hard work goes into putting these bouts together and into becoming better derby players; therefore, winning feels amazing and it makes our coaches and league proud.

Doors opened at 5:00pm and our fans began to enter the rink and fill up the place with signs and banners rooting for their favorite derby girls. Once the Starlettes begin to see the fans, the adrenaline begins to run through their veins and they just can’t wait for that first whistle to blow! Come 5:30pm the first jam begins, and it' s SDRD’s Star Line who steps onto the track to begin the last game of the 2010 season. Star Line consists of Lady Diesel (Capitan and Pivot), BRIGG em’ DOWN, Rumble Pie, I.B.Rascal and Wonder Whoop’em as the jammer. Although we are all stars on our team, these ladies shine even brighter.

Prison City had an excellent start by immediately gaining lead jammer status. Sorry ladies, but the Starlettes could not let this go any further and quickly managed to obtain lead jammer status for most of the first half of the game. The newest additions to the Starlettes for this game were Sugar Britches, Berle Scout and Buns of Fury. They focused on keeping Prison City’s jammer in the back of the pack and gave them no chance to get through, Meanwhile other players such as, Bully Julie, Sweet Pain and Ortega Chile made way for their jammers, Wonder Whoop’em, Wicked Angel, Icepax and Supersize N’. Thanks to the awesome work of our blockers, our jammers were able to score some major points that night. Prison City didn’t make it an easy win! They played well and hit hard and made us fight for our win. At the very last minute SDRD’s Capitan, Lady Diesel, put on the star (a very rare moment in SDRD history) and the final whistle blew. Her trusty blockers helped her get through the pack with ease, as soon as she was through the pack the jam was called off. The final score was 174 for the Starlettes and 70 for Prison City! It was a happy ending indeed! Thanks to Prison City for such a great game; we really enjoyed playing our last battle of the season against you ladies! SDRD would like to congratulate I.B Rascal for being voted M.V.B and Icepax for being voted M.V.J. You guys deserve it!

We would also like to mention the great show delivered by the Derby Brats, the crowd really enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see more of you girls for next season! SDRD was also proud to introduce our Men’s League (The 619ers) and our Junior League at half time. We must mention that it was some of the ladies from the Starlettes who played (and won) against the men and then continued to play the remaining 30 minutes of the game, you ladies rock! If you know any men over 18 years of age or girls ages 8 though 17, who may be interested in playing Roller Derby, we are currently recruiting! Visit our website for more information at:

We would also like to thank our fans for supporting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Our team has a personal connection to this charity and partnered with EDSNC to find a cure and treatment to end the suffering for people battling with this disease including our own Sweet Pain, who was diagnosed in 1999. We would also like to send out a very special THANK YOU to all the fans who have purchased raffle tickets and participated in our fund raising efforts! Your contributions make this help possible. These are some of the charities that we helped throughout the 2010 season: The American Cancer Society, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, Mama’s Kitchen, Hogar Infantil La Gloria and many more!

We can’t wait for 2011 to be here and for the new season to begin! We hope to see you at our first game on Feburary 5th, 2011 at Skateworld!

Want to check out all of the action that took place on 11/13/2010? Play the video below!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Help Us Support the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Network

On November 13th, San Diego Roller Derby be supporting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). The team has a personal connection to this disorder and has joined forces with EDSNC to find a cure or treatment to end the suffering for so many people. Our very own Sweet Pain was diagnosed in 1999 with mild symptoms of connective-tissue and joint looseness. In 2007 Sweet Pain was diagnosed with the most fatal type of EDS when after a year of mini strokes and increased pain the doctors found a cerebral aneurysm and had to perform brain surgery. She is one of the lucky ones but has a long road ahead of her. Unfortunately since this is a genetically inherited disorder it was passed down to her oldest daughter, Jenna Garcia, who suffers from repeated dislocations. Diagnosed in 2009 Jenna submitted to the state of California to have May EDS Awareness Month. Please help SDRD and our EDS friends raise money to help find a cure or at least find a treatment.

The money is going to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Network C.A.R.E.S. Inc. which is a non-profit organization ran only by volunteers to help fund research to find a cure or treatment for EDS. What this means is all donations and all money they make goes directly towards a cure and nothing else, which is great! If they keep getting enough funding, Dr. Hal Dietz at John Hopkins will find a cure or at least an effective treatment within 5 years. If not, it will take much longer.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a genetically inherited connective-tissue disorder that affects all body systems and can be extremely painful and debilitating for those who have it. Just a few of the many symptoms of this disorder include extreme joint looseness leading to repeat dislocations of various joints, stretchy or fragile skin that easily tears, cardiac effects, osteoarthritis, and among the most fatal are fragile blood vessels causing aneurysm. There are up to 7 types of this disorder however many folks have symptoms from multiple types. Some people will have minor issues that do not affect them and they may never know they have it, while others die from this disorder due to aneurysm or other complications relating to EDS. Children suffer the most from this disorder and many are so fragile that they pass away at a young age due to ruptures. The average life expectancy of someone with the most severe types is 40 years of age, however some children will not live past the age of 14.

EDSNC has been fighting for more funding to find a cure within the next 5 years. In the meantime, children and young adults will pass away from this terrible disorder. People who don't know they have it will pass away or suffer needlessly. Please help spread awareness so that a cure can be found and these deaths and suffering can be prevented.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Your Head Still Spinning? (10/09 Bout Recap)

I know mine still is. And it’s because of the highly energetic and tough bout the San Diego Roller Derby Rockettes played against the ladies from Derby Revolution of Bakersfield Privates. The game started off to an early lead by the Rockettes with spectacular jams by up and coming jammers such as Buns of Fury, Snow Bunny on Wheels, Crystal Breeze by You, and veteran derby player, Supersize N’. However, DRB didn’t allow the end of the first half to come to a close, without a point rally big enough to make the Rockettes nervous. And with good reason.

Half time began with the announcement of the successful MS Society fundraiser (you can still donate!). Every bout, SDRD is dedicated to a worthy charity that has ability to improve the livelihood of those they cater to. This month, SDRD raised enough money to provide well over 20 hours of home care for people with this progressive MS. However, the fight against MS didn’t and shouldn’t end at half time, you can still donate by visiting the main National MS Society Website or by pledging on behalf of SDRD. Every bit counts and makes all of us derby girls smile.

At the start of the second half it was clear the battle wasn’t just between SDRD and DRB. The fans were battling it out, chanting support loudly for their favorite team unlike ever experienced before at Skateworld. It began with a grumble that shouted “DRB! DRB DRB!”, that was quickly muted by “ Rockettes, Rockettes, Rockettes!”, only to be overtaken by a mixture of both sides shouting so loudly, the first lines up from both teams didn't hear the starting whistle of the second half, causing a few second of confusion among players.

Like so began the second half and the battle of who can get lead jammer status. No one knows what the coaches mentioned to the girls at half time, but whatever it was, both teams came back to fight stronger. Lead jammer seemed to alternate between teams every jam. Although all the Rockettes played a great game, there seemed to be a friendly competition between Berry Nasty, Tutu Tuff, and Berle Scout to see who could knock more girls off their wheels. The same could be said about the Privates own Fugitive, Ms. Hostility, Boarder Bandit and Wyld Wiccan. It was non-stop hits, just ask some of the girls, I’m sure they still feel it!

This, being one of the most exciting games the Rockettes have ever taken part in, was a game that came down to the last 30 seconds/final jam of the bout. The Rockettes needed to hold the Privates jammer, and with that hold on to the lead, while the Privates needed, by any means necessary, to get their jammer through. After what seemed an eternity, the Privates managed to create a hole just big enough for their jammer to get through to make the score 154-151, making it the Privates well deserved and very exciting first win of the season, and the Rockettes 4th bout ever played as a team.

It was indeed a very successful game. Everything just seemed to work well on that fateful Oct. 9th. This was some of the best refereeing (yes, it’s a real word) I've ever seen, it had some of the best crowd participation ever experienced at our beloved Skateworld, the charity was a great success (again, you can donate here and here) and everyone got a good bout out of it. Life is great. The pressure is now on the SDRD Starlettes to put on a great performance November 13th VS The Prison City Derby Dames, check out the San Diego Roller Derby website for upcoming tickets and info!

Also, don’t forget to check out our friends at Skateworld, San Diego’s one and only skating rink, and sign the petition, write the mayor and city council, check out the blog and join the facebook group to SAVE OUR SKATEWORLD! Please pass it on!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Realy For Life - A Meaningful Event For All

In our mission statement we talk about giving back to the community and that is something that we value very deeply. At each of our home bouts for the 2010 season, we have taken on the effort of supporting a different charity. The idea of participating in Relay for Life was brought to us by our teammate Indiana Bruiser who had participated in the event the previous year. This was obviously going to be the biggest charity event for this season. The Relay for Life event began at 9am on August 21st, and the same evening we had a bout against Mission City Brawlin’ Betties from Santa Barbara. It was a very passionate day for our entire league. Ladies shared their personal stories and 4 skaters cut their hair to donate at half-time of the game. We had goals to have someone skating on the track for the full 24 hours, raise awareness for our friends, our family and our fans and most importantly, to help fight the bout with cancer!

Each person in our league has their own story to tell, just like many of you. Cancer effects 1 in 3 people… look at your family members, look at your friends…. I look at my teammates and those numbers are scary! Our teammate Berle Scout was interviewed at the event and was asked why she was participating. This is her story... "The Relay for Life is an event that really hit home for me. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer two years ago and have since vowed to do my part in cancer prevention, research, and awareness. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this terrible disease, and it was great to see so many people join forces to fight it. I was especially proud of my team, San Diego Roller Derby, who raised over $3,000 for the American Cancer Society. I was even more inspired by my teammates who donated their hair to Locks of Love during halftime at our bout that day and hope to do so in the future as well. I look forward to participating in the Relay for Life again in years to come and have confidence that our efforts will help on this long journey towards a cure."

Themes, decorations, schedules, food, water, more food, skaters… "FIGHTING THE BOUT WITH CANCER" was our theme. We decorated with a giant skate at our tent. We met a lot of interesting people, heard some very amazing stories and we were very honored to participate. It was really nice to have support from the other Relay for Life teams who thought it was cool to see us using our "unique from of transportation". In the morning after the closing ceremonies a lot of people complimented us for having skaters out for the full 24 hours, even though they could hear us skate by in the middle of the night; they still thought it was great that we were out there giving it our all. With an amazing turnout of skaters even in the middle of the night, and raising a little over 3,000 dollars and we were pleased with the outcome of our hard work and fundraising. Now that we have a year under our belt, we can’t wait to start planning for 2011!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

October 6th - It's a Roller Disco Birthday Party for Skateworld!

The Friends of Skateworld are hosting a birthday party for Skateworld! On Wednesday, October 6th, Skateworld will be celebrating 35 years of rollin' good times in San Diego with a Roller Disco Birthday Party! Please mark your calendars and invite your friends! This is sure to be a fantastically fun event complete with costume contests and birthday cake! Get your best 70's outfits ready! Admission is $7 and includes skate rental! With your paid admission you will receive a ticket for an opportunity drawing and could win a great prize - like a pair of skates! You won't want to miss this party!

Be sure to visit for their latest skate session schedule. They are OPEN for weekly sessions and available for birthday parties and special events. We'll see you out on the floor!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Skate & Eat - and Help Save San Diego's Last Roller Rink!

The North Park Craft Mafia supports all things DIY - and that includes sports & recreation, which brings us to skating! Did you know that San Diego has only ONE roller rink in the entire city? Skateworld has been keepin' the good times rollin' since 1975 and now they are in danger of being forced to close their rink in Linda Vista. We can't let that happen. The Friends of Skateworld (FOSW) is a nonprofit group that is working diligently to see that San Diego keeps this rink. Please visit their website and read about what has been going on with the city council. The FOSW is also organizing some fun fundraising events to help get the public involved. ALL proceeds from these events goes to the fund to help save Skateworld! Don't forget to sign the online petition and send letters of support to the city council!

Skate For Skateworld - Saturday Morning Skate!
September 18, 2010 - 10:00am - 1:00pm
Skateworld - 6907 Linda Vista Rd.

The FOSW is hosting a special Saturday Morning skate session at Skateworld! Have your morning coffee and then grab your skates and get out on the floor! Admission is $5 and skate rental is FREE! All ages are welcome, so bring the family! What a great way to start your weekend!

Eat For Skateworld - Pizza Fundraiser!
September 18, 2010 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Joe's Pizza - 5583 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
- 92117

Do you like pizza? The Friends of Skateworld invite you to a Pizza Fundraiser at Joe's Pizza! Here's how it works; come to Joe's Pizza on Sat., Sept. 18th between 5 pm and 9 pm, order the pizza buffet and let them know that you are there to support Skateworld. All the proceeds will go to help save the rink! It's simple - and tasty!

Joe's pizza buffet features a variety of pizzas, salad bar, bread, pasta, soups, and dessert pizza! All for $10 per person! This is a family-friendly restaurant, so bring everyone! They also serve beer & mojitos!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Read the Latest Story About Skateworld!

The Reader published an extensive article about Skateworld. If you have been wondering what has been going on between the San Diego City council and our home rink, Skateworld, then please read for yourself. Thank you Joe Deegan for writing this and putting together some great photos from the Stang family archive! Please read and forward the link to your friends!

If you want to help in this fight to save our home, and volunteer at any of the Roller Rallies, please email the Friends of Skateworld (FOSW) at: On September 18th they are hosting two events. First, a Morning Skate at Skateworld! Then, a pizza fundraiser at Joe's Pizza! On October 6th come to the Roller Disco Birthday Party to celebrate Skateworld's 35 years of keepin' the good times rollin' in San Diego! Get your best 70's attire ready for a night of rollin' fun! (See flyers and links to the right of this page.)

Please let the City Council know that you support Skateworld! Send a letter of support with one click! Emails were bouncing back last month, so if you prefer to FAX your letters, here's how!

Fax your letters to: 619-533-4045
c/o San Diego City Clerk

Please ask that your letter be forwarded to All Redevelopment Agency Board Members (Mayor & Council)!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help Us Fight the Bout Against Cancer at Relay For Life!

Roller Derby girls are known for being on their skates all the time but on August 21st, San Diego Roller Derby will be rolling for 24 hours straight! We are tough on the track but when it comes to fighting cancer, we are ruthless!

Fran- mother of 2, survivor • Jeanie-wife and mother of 2. (Passed away 2008) • Roy- Father of 9 and Grandfather (1939-1995) • Krystal-mother of two (survivor) • Tracy-wife, mother of two and amazing sister and daughter • Diane - step-sister-in-law, leukemia.(Died 2007) • Cecelia - mother-in-law, lung cancer. (Died 2008) • Jean - foster mom, rare lymphoma (in remission) • Edyth-gradma, breast cancer survivor • CJ-grandpa, colon cancer (died 1986) • Diane (DiDi) – mom. (lost suddenly to cancer this past April) • Chuck- best uncle in the world (in treatment) Bart-friend and father of 3 (gone too soon) • Helen- Grandma • Randi-wife and mother of 2 (breast cancer survivor) • Ruth- Grandma • Grandma Edith • Chuck- daddy, prostate cancer( in remission) • Kathy- Lymphoma (in remission) • Shawn- Ovarian cancer (in remission) • Aunt Joan- breast cancer (in remission) • Ralph- TBirds skater..RIP • Josie- sister..RIP • Danny- TBirds skater...RIP • Terry- lung cancer (in treatment) • Theresa- sister (in remission) • Julia – best friend (in treatment) • Elden- grandpa • Roxanne - mother of 2 (survivor) • Bev - mother of 2 (survivor) • Margy – treatment • Peggy- wife and mother (in treatment) • Megan- mother of 1 (treatment) • Dave- father of 1 (in treatment) • Doug- survivor • Kathleen- Sister in law ,breast cancer (lost her battle) • Tim - brother in law, colon cancer (25 plus years later doing great) • Sherry – friend, had stage 4 breast cancer (survivor of 13 years) • Amanda- niece, lymphoma (remission) • Margaret-niece, ovarian cancer • Andrea- friends daughter (in treatment for leukemia) • Grandfather- prostate cancer (survived) • Bob - Father in Law - still battling cancer going on about 20 years now. (Given 6 months to live about 17 years ago) • Beth-Teacher and mother of 3 (treatment) • Abigail-little girl (survivor) • Linda-Friend (treatment) • Glenda-mother (survivor) • Wanda- mother and friend (survivor) • Stephanie-childhood friend (survivor) • Malta-grandfather (prostate cancer) Janice Holbrook - Mother of 3, Grandma of 2 (Passed 5/15/2006) Alexa Benson Deal - Loving Wife (Passed 7/28/2010) Daniel Asa Deal - Father of two, Vietnam Vet - Still Fighting! • David - father of 2, husband, son - (died from leukemia at 44 years young) • Edward - father of 1, husband of 62 years, grandfather (died from prostate cancer) • Tim - father of 3, husband, brother and son (died from brain cancer at 38) • Kirsten - mother of 3, wife, sister and daughter (died from adrenal carcinoma at 38) • Erika - mother of 3, wife, sister and dauther (died from breast cancer at 32) • Kathryn - mother of 3, grandmother of 6 (died from lung cancer) • Colin - father of 2, husband, brother and son (surviving with brain cancer) • Nancy - beloved daughter, wife, and sister • Dennis - father of 4 • Ruby - Mother of 3, Grandmother of 11 • June - Mother of 4, Grandmother of many • Howard - Father of 5, beloved grandfather • Danielle - Mother of 3, loving wife (survivor) • Denise - Mother of 3 (survivor) • Diane - Mother of 2 (survivor).

These loved ones are the reasons why San Diego Roller Derby (SDRD) has decided to join forces as a team in the Relay for Life event in San Diego this month. Our ladies will be working hard to raise money for cancer research by seeking donations or recruiting friends and family to participate in the relay alongside us as we Fight the Bout Against Cancer. We will lace up our skates at 9am on Saturday August 21st and roll on down to the Embarcadero for the Relay for Life event-derby style!

SDRD’ s Fight the Bout Against Cancer doesn’t stop at the Relay for Life event! We are taking it one step further and chopping off our hair during our August 21st bout against the Mission City Brawlin' Betties! SDRD’s own Lady Diesel, along with Ortega Chile and HR ruf n stuf will be letting Split Endz and Mr. Split Endz cut off their pony tails to donate to Locks of Love. Anyone willing to donate their hair at halftime will be given a free gift certificate for a designer salon cut and style so you don’t have to go around wearing a hat!

Fighting cancer is a team effort. By joining or donating to our team, you will be a part of a life-changing event that gives everyone in the community a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes too much.

Please make a donation, or join our team and help us Fight the Bout Against Cancer!

Relay For Life of San Diego Downtown
Aug. 21-22, 2010 - Saturday, 9am & Sunday 9am
Embarcadero North - 831 W. Harbor Dr., San Diego - 92101

San Diego Starlettes vs Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Saturday, August 21st
Skateworld - 6907 Linda Vista Rd., San Diego - 92111
Doors open at 5pm. - Bout starts at 5:30pm
Buy tickets online here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Victory! But Keeping it short and Sweet.

On July 24, San Diego Roller Derby’s Starlettes beat the Battle Born Derby Demons with a final score of 197-26! This was the biggest blow-out in Starlettes history. Not because the BBDD from Reno, NV weren’t good, but because the Starlettes just keep getting better and better.

The Starlettes were happy to boast the debut of Bully Julie and Tutu Tuff. Bully Julie might be new to the Starlettes but she is no veteran to Roller Derby. She had played with the San Diego Derby Dolls for years before she decided to come over to SDRD. Tutu Tuff, however, may be new to the sport of Roller Derby but in her first ever bout she still managed to jam several times and score in the double digits. There will be plenty more Tutu to come!

The line-ups seemed to really work together and keep the opposing jammers back. The blockers were incredible. You could see the frustration on the Derby Demon’s faces as they failed to get through the pack. Ginger Snatch and Steamboat Lilly were just two of their standout players, but they were nothing against the likes of the Starlettes’ blockers. Lady Diesel, Brigg ‘em Down, Marcy Slayground and Ortega Chile were brilliant together, while Rumble Pie, Sweet Pain, Supersize’N and Bully Julie were unstoppable. By the second half, coach B. Stang mixed up the line-ups so the usual jammers Icepax, Wonder Whoop’em and Wicked Angel could do some blocking while some of the usual blockers could show off their jamming talents. Who knew these girls were so talented and versatile?

But, alas this news of the game must be kept short and sweet. Not because there isn’t an infinite amount of plays I would like to describe in detail here in this blog, but because there is no time for this. The Starlettes must get ready for what lies ahead. Most of the team is just barely recovering from Roller-Con, the yearly Roller Derby Convention in Las Vegas. But there is no time for them to recover because they must prepare to play Mission City Brawlin’ Betties on August 21. This will be a tough bout and they must be ready! Not to mention they will be participating in a 24 hour Relay for Life to raise money for Cancer research. This will take place the very same weekend, August 21-22 at the Embarcadero. Oh and of course there is the small fact that they might LOSE THE BELOVED SKATEWORLD! I have no time to write blogs, I have petitions to sign and letters to write to the mayor and San Diego City Council.

Thank you fans! Your support is amazing. This next bout is going to be a tough one which will be sure to please, so get your tickets now!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The ladies of San Diego Roller Derby are tough but there is nothing like a sweet pup to melt our hearts.

On July 24th, not only will we be taking on Reno's Battle Born Derby Demons, but we will also be raising money for Pit Bill Rescue San Diego. These amazing beautiful dogs have the sweetest personalities and cutest faces we have ever seen! With irresponsible breeders and pet owners along with the misunderstanding people have of the breed, Pit Bulls are the most prevalent resident of the San Diego shelters at this time. These innocent animals need our help! So we teamed up with Pit Bull Rescue of San Diego to do our part. This month we will not only be doing our 50/50 raffle to benefit the organization we will also have a special ticket sales option just for them. If you want to do your part to help these adorable dogs and join the Starlettes for a thrilling evening of derby you can purchase your tickets online by using this link - and over 30% of your hard earned money will go to these local dogs in need.

About Pit Bull Rescue San Diego
Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is a volunteer run, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing pit bulls. We are determined to help pit bulls obtain a positive image through education, despite the image that the general public has of them due to misinformation and media sensationalism. We advocate spay/neuter and responsible pit bull ownership, as well as battling backyard breeding, dog fighting, and inhumane treatment of these wonderful dogs. Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is devoted to rescuing, re-homing and promoting pit bulls, as well as educating the public about the truths of these dogs. We advocate responsible dog ownership, and although we concentrate on rescuing pit bulls, we never turn away any dog that is in need of help.

So join us on July 24th Skateworld - doors open at 5 pm, bout starts at 5:30 pm. We expect to see animal lovers and derby lovers alike cheering us on and raising money for this worthy cause. Hopefully we will even have some special VIP 4 legged guests at this bout for you to interact with! Where else can you help a dog in need and watch girls in fluffy skirts on skates knock each other over all in one night?
--Rumble Pie, # 2616
San Diego Roller Derby

Monday, July 12, 2010

SDRD Rockettes’ Debut Bout -June 26, 2010

So you think San Diego Roller Derby is Lady Diesel’s Team with Rumble Pie and a few decent jammers? Think again. The fans at the most recent San Diego Roller Derby bout know better. On June 26th, San Diego Roller Derby introduced their latest team, the Rockettes, and once again the fans were begging for more. Not only did the Rockettes bedazzle fans with their cute uniforms and knockout smiles, but they showed us once again that Roller Derby is a game of skill and knowledge, not just size and brawn.

San Diego Roller Derby's Rockettes beat the West Coast Derby Knockouts with a final score of 118-111. And what a game it was! I admit, I was a little concerned about SDRD’s chances for the win. I had seen all the Starlettes’ bouts and had been impressed by the talent and perseverance of these girls. But when I found out that Lady Diesel, along with some of the other star players were not going to be hitting the track, I was not so sure of the win. But once the bout started, I had no doubt who were the superstars.

I have seen JunoescareMe before, but I had not realized what raw talent and enthusiasm she could exhibit. She has played with the Starlettes; but she is the captain of the Rockettes. She jams, she blocks, and she calls the shots. She is the brains and the glue of the Rockettes. But of course, she could not do this alone. Players like Brigg 'em Down, Supersize’N, and Sweet Pain scored the points while the blockers kept the West Coast Derby Knockouts down and out. Marcy Slayground was an amazing source of power as she made hit after hit. But, she would not have been so successful on the track if it were not for the efforts of her evil twin, Block ‘N Roll, who is equally as effective and powerful.

The West Coast Derby Knockouts were obviously a skilled team, and it was apparent from the beginning that they were in it to win. But, the San Diego Rockettes kept up the fight, battling out point for point way up until the second half. West Coast’s RegulateHer was a powerhouse of speed and skill, and every effective block on her was celebrated as a success. But, somehow, the Rockettes persevered. Jam Master Drey, Red Hot Penni, Velvet Klaw and Achilles' Fools were able to show their skills as experienced players assisting and blocking while keeping newer players within the bounds of fair play. Even the new players in their very first bout showed their skills. This was the first bout for Berry Nasty, Hawaii Five-Two, HR ruf N stuff, and Indiana Bruiser. But, each played like experienced skaters, demonstrating not only the hard work and dedication of these players, but also that of the coaches.

But as the teams battle it out in the second half with only minutes left in the bout, JunoescareMe was taken out in a desperate attempt to prevent her from scoring. Juno hit the ground and didn’t get up, she limped to the bench and the game continued without the Rockettes’ captain. But still the Rockettes prevailed over the West Coast Derby Knockouts!

Congratulations, San Diego Roller Derby! You have dazzled us again. And all the best to JunoescareMe! May you be back on your skates before SDRD plays Orange County in the fall. Please!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Join Us At The "Support Skateworld Rally"!! Help Us Keep Our Rink in Linda Vista!!

Come one, come ALL to our Support Skateworld Roller Rink RALLY!! Free admission and skate rental! Bring your signs and banners and skate with us inside the rink and on the sidewalks in front of the rink. Be seen and be heard! Show your support for the ONLY remaining roller rink in the City of San Diego. Show the city council that you want Skateworld to stay in Linda Vista! Please visit the Friends Of Skateworld blog to read about what has been happening and find out what you can do to help keep our rink where it is!

Download the event flyer!

Help promote the event on Yelp!

Sign the online petition!

Support Skateworld Rally!

6907 Linda Vista Rd., San Diego - 92111
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
6 pm - 9 pm
FREE Admission & skate rental - ALL AGES welcome!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Critical Illness does not Discriminate and Neither Does Mama’s Kitchen

On October 21, 2002, Nelson Mandela stated, “The enormity of the threat posed by HIV/AIDS cannot be overstated. HIV/AIDS is a danger to all of our people - young and old, rich and poor, men and women, those in the cities and those in the countryside. HIV/AIDS is the greatest danger we have faced for many, many centuries. HIV/AIDS is worse than a war. It is like a world war. Millions of people are dying from it. As we speak now, there are thousands of people dying from it this moment. But this war can be won. This is one war where each and every one of us can make a difference. It is through the combined efforts of all of us that we stand the best chance of victory in this war against HIV/AIDS.”

On June 26th, San Diego Roller Derby is proud to announce that we are supporting Mama’s Kitchen, a local non-profit organization that delivers prepared food to men, women and children who are affected by AIDS or cancer. You can help us assist this amazing charity by bringing canned goods to benefit Mama's Pantry, they will go to individuals and families in need. We will also be holding a 50/50 raffle where the money raised will be donated directly to Mama's Kitchen.

Mama’s Kitchen is 20 years strong supporting those in need in San Diego County. Mama's Kitchen delivers three nutritional meals a day, seven days a week at no charge to men, women and children living with AIDS or cancer. Additionally, Mama's Kitchen provides pantry services (Mama's Pantry) to people affected by AIDS. Through these services, they are able to provide food, compassion and hope to over 1,500 people annually living throughout San Diego County.

In 1990 volunteers from the AIDS Assistance Fund discovered that people with AIDS were dying from complications of malnutrition long before their immune systems were overcome by AIDS-related infections. Many were low-income and too ill, isolated or emotionally devastated to help themselves. Mama’s Kitchen was established as a San Diego nonprofit organization to offer nutritional support by way of a home meal delivery service.

HIV/AIDS seems to find a way to consume my thoughts. I have had people close to me pass away, I visited South Africa last summer, and I just returned from AIDS Lifecycle as a volunteer. I was 17 when I found out that my biological father was diagnosed with HIV, I did not know anything about it nor did I understand why there was no cure. He was fortunate enough to have access to proper medications and for the next 10 years, was a survivor. One of the things about HIV/AIDS, you can never know how your body will respond to any stress or illness and in January 2007, he passed.

Visiting South Africa was the most humbling experience I have ever faced. I was overwhelmed with every emotion: joy, pain, sorrow, love. It was a place where you are happy about one’s life and in tears from death within moments of one another. There was a young man, now age 9, by the name of Mlondololozi who was tested positive while I was sitting in his living room. He doesn’t know what that means, he doesn’t know that this disease will eventually overtake his life; he doesn’t know that he is a victim of this war with AIDS. There are many more stories like this one about my experiences in South Africa. But, this young man will be in my thoughts and prayers forever.

Just this past Saturday, I returned from AIDS Lifecycle ( it is an event from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where 1,925 cyclist and 500 volunteers made the 545 mile trek for seven days. The cyclist and volunteers raised over 10 million dollars for HIV/AIDS research and funding for those affected with HIV/AIDS. Watching the “Positive Pedalers” as they rode strong each mile was breathtaking. Meeting new friends and creating new memories, priceless.

Let us all do what we can to support Mama’s Kitchen and their efforts to help those in need live a more comfortable life. Please visit their website to find out other ways you can support this amazing organization. If each of our fans brought at least one of the following items to the Rockettes' first game on June 26th we could together make a difference in the lives of people in our community afflicted with AIDS.
Here's a list of items that are needed;
Box of cereal
Package of flour
Instant oatmeal packets
Peanut butter
Cooking oil
Spaghetti sauce
Canned goods
Pasta noodles
Tuna fish/salmon
Box of dry milk
Boxes of pasta dinner

--Lady Diesel, #4 - San Diego Roller Derby

Sunday, May 30, 2010

SDRD vs. Santa Cruz Derby Girls - 05/22/10

O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-Oh My Gosh!
San Diego Roller Derby’s Starlettes beat the Santa Cruz Harbor Hellcats with a final score of 124-56 on Saturday, May 22nd at Skateworld. Now, with a record of 12 wins out of 14 bouts since the league began, the Starlettes have demonstrated once again that they are an unstoppable force.

Any fan at the bout could sense that the Starlettes were primed for a win. Their “derby” energy was still on a high from their recent victory at the Battle for the Coast Tournament in Ventura just 3 weeks earlier. They were determined and ready to win.
But the Santa Cruz Roller Girls were no slouches. They had come along way and they were ready to skate. These girls were good on their skates, tough to knock down and executed several carefully choreographed strategic plays. But somehow, this was not enough to stop the Starlettes.

SDRD started out strong and continued to score jam after jam. They played a clean game, kept out of the penalty box and were able to outmaneuver the girls from Santa Cruz. The three jammer rotation of Wicked Angel, Icepax and Wonder Whoop’em worked well for the Starlettes. Each of the jammers has her own individual style which she uses to her advantage. Wicked Angel plows through, Icepax circles around and Wonder Whoop’em jumps between the opposing players.

As always the Starlette’s defense was top notch. I am still wondering what IB Rascal must put in her coffee to maintain that crazy energy. The Santa Cruz jammers did not have a chance of getting through the pounding of her star-studded tutu. Rumble Pie, as always, put on quite a performance as well. Her posture and stance are as elegant as a dancer, but on the track she was more boxer than ballerina. Especially for the blocker who was elbowing her teammate. But my favorite move of all was when Lady Diesel turned around to stare down the opposing blockers. They seemed to shake in their skates rather than attempt to pass the Rock-Block of Diesel, captain of the Starlettes.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more edge of my seat excitement, I found myself mesmerized at the half time show. I was happy to sit back and enjoy the cute dancers and see if I won the 50-50 raffle. But when B. Stang, coach of the Starlettes, and Jackson, Skateworld employee, in the midst of their freestyle skate routine jumped a total of 8 Starlettes lying trustingly on the floor, I realized this was skating at its best!

Could it get any better? Yes it did! The second half was even more exciting than the first. It seemed there was no end to the pummeling of players on both teams. The hits got bigger and the falls got harder. The Santa Cruz girls continued to fight until the very last jam. But, this was no match for the Starlettes. SDRD continued with a sizable lead throughout the second half. The fans were even able to catch a peek of some of the new jammer talent that will likely be playing in their next bout on June 26th. Sweet Pain, Mrs. Brigg ‘em Down and Juno EscareMe all made appearances to bring in the final points of the jam.

San Diego Roller Derby has proven once again that they are a league to be respected in the world of Flat Track Roller Derby. They are an inspiration to us all both on and off the track. Go San Diego Roller Derby!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SDRD's Starlettes Shine Bright at the "Battle For The Coast" Roller Derby Tournament!

Wow!!! What an amazing two weeks the Starlettes of San Diego Roller Derby have had on the road. Coming off a loss last month at home against Bakersfield Diamond Divas, these ladies in black with pretty little silver stars have won one bout AND Battle for the Coast tournament! Now, what happened during their practices since that game on April 10th, no one will ever know. The Starlettes hit the road on April 24th to play Angel City Derby Girls’ Rocket Queens in Burbank, CA and were off to a slow start and had an ejection of Rumble Pie for the first half. The home crowd thrived when the Starlettes were not playing at their top game, well…. heck, the crowd was rather interesting the entire game. With a half-time discussion and adjustment, the Starlettes returned to the game in true form. Within 3 jams, it was evident that the Starlettes had turned the game around and were going home with a victory! The Angel City game was exactly what the Starlettes needed with the Battle for the Coast tournament just one week away. It reminded them who they really were as a team, they were fired up!

Battle for the Coast was a 12 team, two bracket tournament held in Ventura, CA May 1-2, 2010. The Starlettes played in the B bracket with Ventura's very own Battalion of Skates, their cross town rivals the San Diego Derby Dolls Hard Corps, San Bernadino’s Disaster City Derby Girls, South Coast Roller Derby from San Clemente and Rage City who came all the way from ALASKA!!! Saturday consisted of pool play and each team played two 30 minutes mini bouts. The top two teams in each pool went on to Sunday with a single elimination semi-final and championship play. Derby News Network (DNN) was providing live online coverage for the tournament so families, friends and fans all over the nation could view the tournament in real time.

Pool play- SDRD, VCDD- BOS, SDDD- HC

San Diego Roller Derby opened the tournament play against the hosting VCDD Battalion of Skates early on that Saturday morning just after opening ceremonies. With these two teams playing a game last September, the announcer gave a quick recap of the game as the Starlettes started to show how much this little team from San Diego has improved since then. With only 7 skaters from that September game on the roster for this tournament, the Starlettes came out on fire. Oddly, the Starlettes had a two jammer rotation between Icepax and Wonder Whoop’em with an occasional appearance of Wicked Angel at the line. The jammers were very agile and had amazing endurance during this 30 minute mini-bout! Starlettes blockers showed textbook pack control and great positional blocking during the entire bout, holding the BOS jammer in the pack and really focusing on controlling the speed. At one point, the pack was moving so slow that a snail passed legally on the outside. With the bout clock winding down, the Starlettes quickly showed this crowd that they were in this tournament to win. The final score was Starlettes, 112-5. The Starlettes keeping BOS's points so low is a real testament to their strong blocking and coach B-Stang's focus on the importance of defense.

As pool play continued throughout the day, the Starlettes faced San Diego Derby Dolls’ Hard Corp. This was a much anticipated match up for both teams. Knowing some of the ladies that play on the Hard Corp team, the Starlettes knew they would be coming out strong and very aggressive. Hit first, hit often and figure out a way to shut down their jammers. Since both leagues are from San Diego, both teams have had the opportunity to attend each others’ games and “scout”. The Hard Corp had veteran skaters Bully Julie and Anna NuthaThang in the blocking group and a newer skater, Blur D. Lee, on their jammer line. But, does that compare to Lady Diesel and Robyn Urpride, both former members of San Diego Derby Dolls, and what about Rumble Pie, Mrs. Brigg em Down and I.B. Rascal. I haven’t even mentioned the Starlettes jammers yet, Wonder Whoop’em, Wicked Angel, and Icepax….. A M A Z I N G!

Although the bout was intense and aggressive it was clean and smart at the same time. The two captains, Lady Diesel of SDRD and Bully Julie of SDDD, are actually pretty good friends and the highlight for Lady Diesel was sending Bully Julie sliding in to the chairs of the penalty box on a hip block. This was a blockers game, the Starlettes and the Derby Dolls both kept the pack tight and defensive. Both teams held walls, had big hits, good positional blocking, there were many scoreless minutes during this mini bout. This game was played controlled and smart. The Starlettes jammers put in to action the skills that Coach B Stang had been working with them on and fought tooth and nail for every point. The Starlettes jammers twirled out of hits, sprinted past opponents, took the “friendly” side and hopped over obstacles in their way. Because this was such a defensive game for both teams the Starlettes jammers had to work extra hard but they pulled it off and kept ahead of the Dolls through most of the game and ending with a 19 point lead! I don't know how many people would have predicted the outcome of this match up, if bets were placed money was probably lost. According to the commentators this was "an upset" but to the Starlettes, this was all of our hard work and dedication being noticed. This win put the Starlettes in first of the pool play to advance to the semi-final game on Sunday. The final score was Starlettes, 44-25.

Semi-final- Starlettes vs. South Coast Roller Derby
Sunday’s bouts were full-length bouts and the Starlettes had a 13 skater roster for Sunday’s games rather than the 11 skater roster for Saturday’s pool play. The additional skaters today, Marcy Slayground and Block N’ Roll, allowed the Starlettes to play their regular game strategy. The Starlettes, for the second day in a row had the first game of the day. With a pretty empty venue, the Starlettes faced South Coast Roller Derby from San Clemente. South Coast faced Disaster City and Rage City in Saturday’s pool play with a 1-1 record, losing to Rage City. South Coast had guest skaters from at least 2 other leagues on their roster for the weekend, including Lucky Eddie, Pookie, and Hari Kari from NoTown Roller Derby’s All-Star team and Mortisha Demolisha from Hidden City Derby Girls.

The first jam, Wicked Angel, scored 20 uncontested points as South Coast’s jammer found herself watching early from the penalty box. It was smooth sailing from there, the Starlettes jammers were flying through, racking up the points and the blockers were trapping, building walls and keeping the pack slow. With a significant lead at the half, the Starlettes moved around the line-ups so everyone had the opportunity for some game time. South Coast actually outscored the Starlettes in the second half. But, the point differential was too great even with the ejection of Starlettes blocker Roybn Urpride. With this victory, the Starlettes move to the championship game against the winner of SDDD-Hard Corps and Alaska’s Rage City. The final score was Starlettes, 177-96.

Championship Starlettes vs. Rage City
With the Starlettes sitting up in the bleachers during the SDDD-Hard Corp vs. Rage City Semi-Final game and Coach B Stang pacing for the last 10 minutes of game play, those ladies from Alaska worked their tails off to get to play in the Championship game. Both the Starlettes and Rage City went 3-0 to get to the finals and both teams deserved to be playing for the Battle for the Coast title! By this time in the tournament, Rage City had won the hearts of every person in that building, including the Starlettes. Rage City’s roster only had 9 skaters on it; they had huge hearts and came to California to show us all what Alaska is about. They had size, endurance, hard hits, fast jammers, and heart.

The game started just under two hours from Rage City’s previous semi-final bout but, it did not play a factor in their stride during the first half. Both the Starlettes and Rage City came out strong and fast and while Rage City had a lead for majority of the half, Starlettes were never too far behind. During the first half, Rage City had a massive wall for the Starlettes' jammers to face and with some magic dancing feet from Icepax, quick feet from Wonder Whoop’em, and finesse from Wicked Angel, they were able to get through and keep the score within reach. The Starlettes bench showed a slight edge of frustration for the first time in the tournament. Coach B Stang can be heard throughout the building as he is attempting to tell his skaters what they needed to do to turn this game around…… down by 5 at the half. Now, half time, between Lady Diesel and B Stang, it was quite vocal in the corner where the Starlettes were sitting. “We need to fix this, right now! We are better than this!” "This is OUR half!", whatever else was said, at a lesser decibel, it worked.

The Starlettes started the second half much like the rest of what the crowd got to witness during the weekend…. no more walls of Rage City, fancy footwork from the jammers, strong defensive strategy from the blockers. The Starlettes played a strong defensive second half, wedging bodies between the Rage City walls and making holes for their jammers. With the majority of spectators routing for these ladies from Alaska, Starlettes pulled it off. With great hits and awesome jams, there was a lone soul out in the crowd that would ring his cowbell in support of the Starlettes. With two minutes left in the game, jammer Wonder Whoop’em got ejected for too many trips to the penalty box. However, there wasn’t enough time left for that to impact what the Starlettes had done during the second half. The final score Starlettes, 133-93. CHAMPIONS!!!

One year from this very weekend the Starlettes played in and won their very first bout against Derby Revolution of Bakersfield's Privates. Since then they have remained undefeated on the road with an overall record of 11-2. Still a young team, they continue to grow and learn, and be noticed.

At the end of this amazing tournament surrounded by sisters in derby the Starlettes accepted a beautifully hand painted Oar "Trophy" at the awards ceremony. There was no better feeling in the world for these ladies, the underdogs, the unheard of, the little team that could. All of their blood, sweat, tears, commitment, and dedication were validated at that moment. They brought everything that they had and left it all out there on the track, every bit of heart and soul and won the oar.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SDRD vs. Bakersfield Diamond Divas - 04/10/2010

San Diego Roller Derby fought hard against the Bakersfield Diamond Divas during their last home bout on Saturday April 10th, but after a largely defensive game in which they led by as much as 20 points during the first half, they lost with a final score of 80-64.

As a fan and genuine admirer of the Starlettes, I find it hard to believe they lost. Yes, there were some genuine successes. Icepax, a former artistic skater, showed her strength and stamina as a jammer as she repeatedly melted through the Diamond Divas solid front wall. Dorothy Dangerous , in her last bout as a Starlette, showed us her signature move as she dropped her shoulder and broke through their wall, making her own holes through the pack. Juno EscareMe and Wicked Angel also contributed nicely to the Starlettes’ jammer line-up.

Let’s not forget the amazing strength of the Starlettes’ defense. Lady Diesel, as always, was in the midst of the pack, creating havoc. Robyn Urpride was armed and dangerous. She really needs to register those hips with San Diego Police Department as a deadly weapon. Other defensive moves by the ever elegant Rumble Pie and scrappy little Mrs. Brigg 'em Down were beautifully executed and strongly effective. Sweet Pain, Supersize’n and Red Hot Penni held a solid inside line while Block ‘N Roll and Marcy Slayground made some nice defensive plays. They kept the Bakersfield jammers behind the pack and kept the score low.

But the Starlettes could not penetrate Sticky Vicky’s solid front wall of defense enough times to bring home the win. How did this upset happen? I realize that Bakersfield’s Diamond Divas are a solid team, but not for the likes of the your Starlettes! Where were the SDRD derby girls who won their last bout by 90 points? And what happened to Wonder Whoop’em?

“Those girls were like 250 pounds against the Starlettes‘ 116 pounds,” said one fan trying to explain the upset.

“I just wanted to give Wonder Whoop’em a hug. She just couldn’t get through that wall,” said another endearing fan.

“I thought she was injured?” said still another bewildered fan.

She did suffer from the hard hitting Divas. In fact there was no shortage of derby girls flying into the crowd at this game. But after the second half of bench warming, Wonder skated the track with the rest of her teammates and did not appear to be injured, those amazing boot covers kicked it into gear. One can only speculate, that maybe she is going to take a step down and let Icepax bring home the points.

This does not bode well for the Starlettes’ jammer line-up. With Dorothy Dangerous leaving the team and Wonder Whoop’em’s failure to make a valuable contribution, Icepax is the only experienced jammer left. Icepax is very talented, but she can’t skate every jam! What will coach B Stang do next? Definitely, we can expect to see some new jammer talent from the Starlettes.

At this point, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what San Diego Roller Derby has in store for us this upcoming month. With their game against Angel City Derby Girl’s in Los Angeles coming up on April 24th and the Battle for the Coast Tournament in Ventura on May 1st & 2nd, San Diego Roller Derby has a lot of work to do to prove once again to their fans that they are the best roller derby team in southern California. Go Starlettes!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb.

Although the Starlettes may appear to have a tough exterior, we have a loving and caring interior. We are proud to announce that the proceeds of our April 10th charity raffle will be donated to Plant With Purpose. Founded in 1984, Plant With Purpose is a non-profit organization that has an unique outlook on fighting poverty, hunger, and social despair in poverty-stricken, rural villages through planting trees - literally! They are currently working in over 187 villages throughout Haiti, Mexico, Thailand, and Tanzania. The plan is to help these villages in soil conservation, replenishing their clean water supply, and restoring their faith. Accordingly, these villages are once again able to farm, produce food and an better income. This, in turn, empowers them to be self sufficient, by teaching valuable trades to sustain their farms and land for many years to come. In addition, it improves the quality of life, not only in the village, but the country as well, by providing better and more affordable food resources. Finally, assisting farmers/ planting trees is a crucial component against global warming, by fighting deforestation we can help protect the world against natural disasters.

We will be holding a 50/50 raffle at our bout in which all the proceeds go to helping the country of Haiti, in which some of our friends' families were personally effected. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the bout will also be donated. Haiti has suffered 3 major catastrophes in only a 6 year span. First, the severe hurricane of 2004, then another in 2008, and the earthquake this year. We feel the need more than ever to help them rebuild their country and assist the survivors and families in regaining their quality of life. Haiti was still recovering from the disaster of the hurricane in 2008, and now this earthquake has set the recovery process further back, by increasing the demands of the country. Many of Haiti's citizens and villages rely on their land and water for planting and producing crops for the country, which were ruined in the many natural disasters they endured. Consequently, Plant with Purpose is striving to assist countries like Haiti in similar situations by assisting them in restoring their land. In conclusion, we can make a difference in the lives of the survivors and their loved ones by donating to Plant with Purpose, helping to restore Haiti one village at a time by doing something that we love.

'For over 25 years, Plant With Purpose has worked internationally to transform the lives of the rural poor, providing lasting solutions to chronic problems of hunger and environmental decline. Our work gives farmers the tools they need to feed their families, raise their incomes, and restore health to their communities. Plant With Purpose has worked in Haiti for 13 years and has 42 local Haitian staff working in 68 communities. Since the earthquake on January 12th, our staff has led initiatives to provide immediate food relief aid, road repair, seed distribution, reforestation and short term employment. Please keep an eye out for our adorable raffle ticket girls and buy as many as you can to support this amazing organization! To learn more about the transformational work Plant With Purpose does around the world please visit our webpage at'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SDRD vs. IEDD - 02/27/10

From the moment the refs said, “Skaters ready” the Starlettes went out fast and strong, scoring quickly and calling off the jams, the score was quickly 27-2. Ironically, Coach B. Stang predicted that score earlier during warm-ups. B. Stang told us to stay focused and keep going hard as if we were down. Our jammers were unstoppable; they dodged heavy hitters, had high scoring jams, and took fantastic whips. The spectators were excited by the pure athleticism of these ladies. They screamed and hollered for Icepax as she avoided big hits with her fancy foot work. Amazingly, Icepax scored points in every jam that she skated in, ending the night with an impressive 57 points under her belt, Icepax was the top scorer of the night! The fans cheered wildly as Wonder Whoop’em demonstrated speed and agility racing around the track bringing in 55 points for the Starlettes. And the always exciting Dorothy Dangerous was aggressively taking hits and delivering them just as hard as she wore the star on her helmet. While the Starlettes’ jammers dominated during the first half outscoring Inland Empire Derby Divas 101-11, they could not have done it without the help of their strong group of blockers. The blockers avoided the hits of the divas and much to their frustration stuffed their jammer time and time again. B Stang wanted to try something a little different this game and it worked. Without giving away the Starlettes strategy, each blocking line-up was strategically designed to counter many factors. Each pack was designed for strength, endurance, and speed. It showed quickly in the game that the Starlettes were utilizing those three factors and the Inland Empire Derby Divas showed panic as this young team literally skated circles around them.

Don’t let this blog fool you; it was no easy feat for the Starlettes' blockers. IEDD came out with ready to kill attitudes and they did just about everything possible to put the Starlettes on the ground. The size difference alone should have put some fear into this San Diego team. The Inland Empire Divas NEVER LET UP! It was a definite battle for 60 minutes as the “derby marks”, better known as bruises, are only now fading away. San Diego Roller Derby’s 4’11” Supersize’N and IEDD’s 6’2” Fishnet Funeral met each other several times on the track but the tenacity of Supersize’N is bigger than life. As a fan in the audience stated, "I have to say one of my new favorite skaters is Supersize'N... how can you not love that girl, seriously... the whole IEDD bout we kept discussing if there is any legal way to even make contact with her, ha! How do you hit her without hitting above the shoulders or illegally using your legs? It's awesome! And she's tenacious as hell, instant love affair with the fans." It became a family affair when San Diego Roller Derby's Mrs. Brigg’em Down got the pleasure of skating against her big sister Fishnet Funeral. What a treat it was to see those two take out their sister rivalries on each other.

After the game, a fan told us, “I was impressed most with the hitting, you ladies are physical and it is appreciated, you have a good derby mindset, I see a bright future for the SDRD”. With the final score 160-70, the Starlettes came out on top. San Diego Roller Derby would like to thank all you wonderful fans for showing continuing support. The February game was supporting St. Augustine High School in their efforts to raise money for Hogar Infantil La Gloria and is proud to announce that with your help they raised $800 and received a truck load of supplies for the orphanage. Lady Diesel made a trip to the orphanage to deliver supplies and play with the kids on a recent Saturday. She said, “Hogar Infantil is an amazing environment for these children. The staff was wonderful, very structured and the children were amazing. It was a blessing to be able to go play with the kids for the day.” The next SDRD game takes place on April 10, 2010 against the Bakersfield Diamond Divas, 5:30PM at Skateworld. You can pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time at the rink, from your favorite skater, or online at:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pie: San Diego Roller Derby Fan 101

Okay, Starlettes fans! With less than a week left until the next bout on February 27 against the Inland Empire Derby Divas, it is time to start getting ready. First, there are signs that need to be made. Buy your poster board and Sharpie pens now so that you have plenty of time to create a sign for your favorite SD Roller Derby girl. Think big Diesel trucks, apple Rumble Pies, bandits, superheroes and lots and lots of stars.

Then you need time to get your voice ready. Any fan who was at the last bout will tell you they lost their voice somewhere among the seats at Skateworld. The cheering was at such high decibels, that few could talk above a hoarse whisper the day after the bout. So, in order to get ready, get off the computer right now, go outside, and scream your head off as loud as you can. But, don’t strain your voicebox too much, just yet. Remember this is just practice.

You also need to buy your tickets. You should run to your nearest Starlette and buy your tickets from her right now! If you don’t plan on seeing her before the bout you can always buy your tickets directly at Skateworld, or even online at our website. Purchasing tickets on our website is easy and convenient, but you have to act fast if you are planning on having them shipped. Buying tickets online and having them held at will-call is also a possibility, but you might have to wait in line again. There will also be a separate "cash only" line for cash transactions, just look for the signs or ask one of the SDRD helpers out front! It would be best to have your tickets in hand and enter on the fast moving line on the left with the rest of the professional Derby fans, especially if you don’t want to miss the half-time show! You're not going to want to miss any of the swing dance performance!

Also, please plan on getting there early. Doors open at 5 pm and this is the best time to get settled in a front row seat and watch the Starlettes and the Derby Divas warm up. Remember, there is additional parking available behind Skateworld at the Linda Vista Library, and just across Comstock St. at the post office. If those lots are full, there is street parking as well, but you might have to walk a little ways. Car pooling is encouraged, so bring your friends!

So remember your 4 P’s: Poster, Practice (your cheering), Pre-purchase your tickets and Park early!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hope, Dedication, & Love - How The Hogar Infantil La Gloria Helps Orphaned Children

On February 27th, San Diego Roller Derby is proud to team with St. Augustine High School for their Lenten Orphanage Drive to support Hogar Infantil La Gloria. This is the 2nd annual event for the local high school. Last year the fundraising effort fell shy of their $16,000 goal, the cost of running the orphanage for one month. This month the Starlettes are excited to help St. Augustine High School reach their goal and take the burden of money off of the orphanage for entire month. Hogar Infantil La Gloria is an orphanage in Tijuana, BC, houses 45 children from newborns to early teenagers. One year ago, Hogar Infantil La Gloria was on the verge of closing their doors altogether. We want to make sure that this year there is no fear of shutting down.

This history of the orphanage proves hope, dedication, and love are very much in their community. In the early 1970's a family, Lupita and Guillermo MacFarland, filed an official report with the Mexican Government about the poor care of the orphans and the conditions they resided in. After an investigation, the MacFarlands were granted administration over the orphanage. Today, Hogar Infantil La Gloria, with the efforts of the MacFarlands, Norma Bustamante, the Augustinians, and other dedicated volunteers, is a safe home for the abused, abandoned, and neglected children of Tijuana, BC.

After seeing the pictures of these children there is no question of the hope and love and inspiration in their eyes. The orphanage runs solely on donations and needs our help. The monthly costs consist of school, medical, food and staffing. Often times, the children receive three meals a day however, their three meals might be equivalent to one of ours. We are inviting you to make a difference in their lives. In addition to monetary donations we are taking donations of much needed supplies for the facility. When you come down to cheer on San Diego Roller Derby, bring along with your good spirits and team pride a donation and do your small part to make a difference in the life of a child. No matter how small our individual donations are we can make big changes when we band together as a community, and what better things to gather for than children and Roller Derby! Here is a list of items that are needed at the orphanage. If you would like to help you can bring an item from this list when you come to our game. We will have a box out front and will be giving the items to the orphanage the following week. Also, we will have a 50/50 raffle with all proceeds going to the orphanage.

If you want to know more about Hogar Infantil La Gloria or become a sponsor of a child at the orphanage, please visit their website

• Canned fruit
• Tomato sauce
• Cereal
• Cooking oil
• Jelly/jam
• Peanut butter
• Formula
• Gelatin mix

• Children’s Tylenol
• Cough syrup
• Tylenol Cold and Flu
• Anti-fungal medication
• Iodine
• Children’s Dimetap

Other Supplies
• Baby wipes
• Toilet paper
• Dish soap
• Diapers (4,5, and 6)
• Laundry detergent
• Bleach
• Vaseline

Saturday, January 30, 2010

San Diego Roller Derby vs. OC Rollergirls - Our First Bout of Our 2010 Season!

The lights shined, the girls looked amazing in their new skirts, designed by team member IcePax,undeniable buzz of excitement in the air of Skateworld. San Diego Roller Derby (SDRD) was about to skate in our very first home bout ever! With none of the team members having any experience in running a bout, the preceding months were filled with hard work, research, and late nights to assure that bout production ran smoothly. The hard work was about to show itself off in front of a packed house of almost 700 spectators - which we were determined to turn into SDRD fans. The SDRD Starlettes welcomed the Orange County Rollergirls (OCRG) to our “house” for our debut home game and were filled with a sense of pride and a healthy dose of nerves.

Our training since our last bout against the Derby of Bakersfield in November has been nothing less than intense. Our coach B-Stang has been amazing, we would be nowhere with out him. Our practices focused on endurance and fundamental skating skills. "A strong skater makes a good derby player", we are told time and time again. Practicing strategies, knowing the game, and learning the rules thoroughly were part of our plan to play a clean game. Knowing that OCRG was going to be our toughest challenge to date, staying focused in our practice was our goal. We knew our task ahead was going to be no walk in the park, these were experienced, well trained skaters were were preparing ourselves to go up against.

The adrenaline was flowing through our veins, and the tension was high, as SDRD knew that we had a long battle ahead of us on Saturday evening of January 23rd of 2010. As the jammers flew off of the line OCRG proved to be a match for our defense and held our jammers in the pack and kept them from scoring for the first couple of jams. Power blockers Lady Diesel and Rumble Pie soon came out swinging and paved the road for the Starlette jammers to put some hard earned points on the board. “Diesel is like a force to be reckoned with”, an OCRG girl was overheard saying later that night at the after party.

SDRD jammers, Wonder Whoop’em and Dorothy Dangerous as a testament to their strong fundamental trainers,
were quick on their feet, avoiding numerous blocks from OCRG’s own heavy hitters and maneuvering through the tough pack. Robyn Urpride and Wicked Angel, both played their first games as Starlettes and made their new team members proud. Flown in from Ohio was SDRD’s very own Holley Car Brader who played her usual heavy hitter and jammer without a hitch. As this was her last game with SDRD Holley will be sorely missed by her teammates but not so much by the opposing teams. Also on the line-up was Icepax with her fancy-footed jamming skills and Juno Escareme as a great blocker/ jammer combo. Blockers like St. Val Massacre show that we have some heavy hitters of our own and are not going down with out a fight. OCRG lived up to the high expectations that we had for their team. They kept the pack fast and our endurance that we have been working so hard on was put to the test. We were thankful for the hours we spent sweating in the rink with high endurance in mind. OCRG held the lead with SDRD fighting hard to close the gap within 9 points more than once. There was no lack of blood, sweat and heart out on the track. We gave it our all, being motivated by the cheers of our new fans was a new and fantastic experience.

When all was said and done, SDRD didn’t win our first home bout. With a final
score of 56–103, we gave it our all but in the end OCRG came out on top. Our score may have been small but our hearts are big. We fought by tooth and nail, gave it our all, and learned a lot. This experience is only going to make us work harder and become stronger together. It has strengthened our determination and made us hungrier for a victory. We will continue to give our all every practice and train hard for every bout. With Coaches like B-Stang and Gary Stang on our side - and legends like John Hall in our corner - we can only get better with each passing practice.

In the end we were happy about the $350 that we earned for the International Rescue Committee, the charitable organization that we hosted at our first home bout. That combined with the amount of love and support that we recieved from our families, friends, and fans made us feel like winners even as OCRG was doing their victory lap. Thank you to all who came, cheered, screamed, and made it all worth it. This season is just getting started - you haven't seen anything yet! Get your signs ready, rest your voices, and get set to come see us take on the Inland Empire Derby Diva on our home turf, Skateworld, San Diego on Febuary 27th 2010. Now you can get your tickets online by using the "But Tickets" link on the right. No more waiting in line on bout day! SDRD members can also sell you some tickets, or pick them up at Skateworld during normal business hours. See you at Skateworld!