Monday, June 27, 2011

Starlettes vs Hard Corps

On June 18th, the Starlettes played one of the most anticipated games in the history of San Diego Roller Derby. Our guest this time around was the SDDD Hard Corps. It was a very exciting game, full of hip checks, jammers skating at the speed of light and most of all, lots of blocker on blocker action! The fans of roller derby in America ’s finest city came for a show and the teams sure did deliver.

The evening began with SDRD’s junior league, The Cadettes, who are coached by our very own Bully Julie and Coach B. Stang. All the Cadettes played skated to the very best of their abilities, but the most outstanding players this game were Booty Bumper and Rollin Angel. Their on skate skills bumped the evening to what would turn out to be a fast rolling night.
Shortly after the Cadettes thrilling game, the first whistle was blown by Rockettes’ Captain and sometimes Starlettes Ref, Nicci Two Skates. The Starlettes and Hard Corps began rolling on the track. The first line to go out was lead by Ortega Chile as pivot, Brigg Em’ Down, Marcy Slayground and I.B. Rascal. The second line was lead by pivot, Robyn Ur Pride, Sugar Britches, Bully Julie and Buns of Fury. With two solid lines covering the first half of this bout, jammer’s, Wicked Angel, Dee Troit and Icepax (captain) zipped around the track to score points leaving the Hard Corps behind by a 30 point difference.

By the second half, Ortega Chile decided her line needed something sweet, and she added some Rumble Pie to it. Sugar was the last thing from Rumble’s mind as she came to the floor dolling out thundering hits instead. Snow Bunny on Wheelz came in as a jammer, giving Wicked Angel a chance to go on Robyn Ur Pride’s line, and show off her blocking skills. Rumor has it that the word in the crowd was that “Wicked Angel was killing the opposing team” and indeed she was!! The Starlettes fought hard for every single point, as the Hard Corps were not easy to defeat. However, they skated strong and played as a true team. With the rowdy fans pumping up the energy in the rink San Diego Roller Derby took the win Starlettes 125- San Diego Derby Dolls Hard Corps 77.

SDRD would like to thank the SDDD Hard Corps for coming out to Skateworld. It was an absolute pleasure playing with you ladies! A big thank you to all of our fans for your continued support, we love you!
Get ready for our upcoming double header, taking place on July 16th, 2011 at Skateworld. We’ve invited the Undead Betties and Hidden City Roller Girls to play against out Starlettes and Rockettes! This will be a super exciting event and you don’t want to miss it!! Purchase your tickets at or from your favorite derby girl.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Double Win

San Diego Roller Derby was hosted, this past weekend, by the Ventura County Derby Darlins for a night of double header action. The drive up and home made for great Starlette/Rockette road trip memories.

The first bout was played by the Battalion of Skates against our Rockettes. This was the debut bout of Wreckliz Cherry, Catty Mojo, and Bone Thugs 'n Disharmony. The Battalion of Skates made it tough for the Rockettes during the first half, forming seemingly unbreakable walls. During the second half, the Rockettes began blasting those walls wide open making paths for our jammers to slip through. Even though they were one player down (apparently Berry Nasty was too Nasty) the second half proved to be their opportunity to score some major points ending in a win, Rockettes 113, Battalion of Skates 88. Congrats to our Rockettes!

By the time 6:45pm rolled around, it was the Starlettes’ turn to battle it against the VCDD’s Vendolls and the Rockettes turn to get rowdy for their league as their energy was still high from their earlier win. The Starlettes had the privilege of borrowing a few Rockettes, Snow Bunny on Wheels, Berle Scout and Split Endz as they were missing a few of their players this time around. With the help of the strong Starlettes lines, Snow Bunny on Wheels, Wicked Angel and Icepax shone, darting through the pack and showing their stripes as jammers to be reckoned with.

The score stayed close with the Vendolls coming out in front at the end of the first half. During a rousing second half, with an energetic crowd feeding the energy on the floor, the Starlettes rallied, earning their victory 137 -113.  Way to go Starlettes!

If you were not able to follow us on the road, make sure to stop by this Saturday, July 18th for our home bout held at Skateworld in Linda Vista. SDRD’s Starlettes will be playing against SDDD’s Hard Corps. This is the first time these teams have met in their home city and will go down in history. You don’t want to miss it! You can purchase you tickets online, from your favorite derby girl or at the door!