Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rockettes vs IEDD

San Diego Roller Derby's May game was quite a special bout for the league. Not only was it the Rockettes first game of the season, but our very own junior Cadettes got to open the evening with their first 20 minute bout! The crowd seemed so pleased as they cheered on our juniors while they played a very entertaining game!

As the first game whistle blew, the Rockettes attempted to stay strong with a wall upfront. IEDD did a good job of breaking up walls and keeping the pack fast with strong hits but none the less, this made the Rockettes work harder as a team and stick together using solid walls and hits which did not allow the Derby Divas to pass the Rockettes 35 point lead. Right before the first half of the game came to an end, the Rockettes Captian Nicci Two Skates is down with an ankle injury, which left her out for the rest of the game. The score was 90 -45. 

When half time approached we were very proud to have our coach B. Stang and jam skate partner William Jackson back on the track entertaining the crowd with their infamous jumps, flips, and jam skate moves- their show always pleases our fans! 

As the second half of the game started,the Rockettes seemed to be a little shaken having lost their Captian in the first half. Inland Empire used this to their advantage and with 9 minutes left in the game, they had come back to only be down by one point, the score was 110-109! This left the Rockettes with no other choice but to step up their game, ending in a 40 point victory! The final score was 177-137 .

We could not have asked for a better game with such great sportsWOmanship. The Inland Empire Derby Divas had a blast hanging with us at the after party, laughing and recapping the game. IEDD chose Berry Nasty as MVP blocker of the night and TUTU TUFF as MVP jammer. Well deserved ladies!!

We hope that you will come support SDRD in our upcoming fundraising event to raise money for our trip to Idaho, as we are participating in a tournament hosted by Treasure Valley Derby Girls. Our fundraiser will be held at the Malt Shop located on Midway Drive in the Sports Arena area on June 17th.

Don't miss our next bout June 18th against the SAN DIEGO DERBY DOLLS HARDCORPS! This is going to be the best game of the season; it will definitely be an on the edge of your chair,nail biting, derby mania!!!. You don't want to miss out. You can purchase your tickets online or through your favorite derby girl.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Door of Hope

TLC Program
The Transitional Living Center offers homeless women and their children a safe and nurturing environment to rebuild a stable, productive lifestyle. They are counseled in parenting, anger management, and domestic violence. The TLC strives to help women discover their passions and talents and find ways to fulfill their dreams.
With extensive career counseling, the women find new, satisfying jobs; learn to budget, and are able to save 80 % of their income each month. The families may stay at TLC for up to one year and 85% of TLC residents move into independent housing after that time. It's not easy. The moms at TLC have tremendous courage. It is not easy to start all over. The Salvation Army loves and supports these moms and their children.
Nearly 1/4 of San Diego's homeless are mothers with children. Many have lost jobs or fled domestic abuse. Being homeless is a traumatic experience for anyone; just imagine what it is like for a child. The TLC program has been in operation since 1998 and continues to serve women and children in San Diego County.

The Haven Program is a long term residential treatment group home for pregnant and parenting teens and their babies. Here young women learn how to parent their infants while growing in personal, emotional, and spiritual strength. They learn structure and they thrive with their babies in this encouraging environment. Program activities and group sessions are conducted in a baby friendly atmosphere, where families, visitors, and guests are welcome. The Haven has two units with a total of 20 beds for pregnant and/or parenting teens and their children. The young women at the Haven are able to stay until they reach the age of 18, most of them have had a very distressing childhood and now for the first time they are able to thrive in a safe and comfortable environment. This Salvation Army program has been in operation since the 1930’s and continues to serve teenagers and their babies within the San Diego community.

Wish List Items:
Bath Towels and Wash Clothes
Twin Sheets
Baby Wipes/powder/cream/shampoo/wash
Body Wash
Gift Cards

For more information about the Salvation Army's programs in San Diego County, please visit -

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pizza viewing party Saturday May 14th!

San Diego Roller Derby is holding a viewing party at Joe's Pizza in Clairemont Mesa! Join us today, Saturday May 14th as we cheer on our teammates while watching them bout on the big screen at Joe's! We will be streaming the event LIVE via Derby News Network. Get your friends and family together and head on down for pizza, beer and roller derby!
Joe's Pizza
5583 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego 92117

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Renegade Roller Derby bout...

Last night I went down to National City with several compadres from SDRD to watch a "Renegade Roller Derby" bout. The promise of "no holds barred" bout was something to think about.

It certainly was something else.  As the program says, there are no penalties.  There are rules of some kind,  but what's the point?  Anyway,  there are three 15 minute periods, no timeout (except for injuries) and no refs.  The jams last one minute and can't be called off.  The jammer makes it through the pack and then she scores three points for every time she laps the other teams skaters. The place had a nice track for the bout and they certainly had a fair share of vocal fans.

The skaters can do anything they want, cut the track, use elbows or even take downs.  This results in some fighting here and there.  Then there are three or four guys in the middle who come over to separate them.  The jammers and the blockers all started at the same whistle,and the track was about a third smaller than the WFTDA one.

It really wasn't my kind of show, overall.  I like spectacles, but here it didn't quite feel as if there was a flow.  The skaters did their best to entertain the crowd, for sure, it was just lacking either the all out sports entertainment aspect or a more athletic contest.  These things can probably coexist within the same sport, but it's not been my experience to see it.

It was still  a fun evening overall and I really enjoyed the company.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Please help us find a missing derby husband!

The husband of one of our derby sisters has been missing since Tuesday, May 3rd. Nic Hamilton is an active duty Navy sailor who has been suffering from PTSD in recent months. His family needs our help in finding him.

UPDATE: Nic has been found! San Diego Roller Derby would like to thank everyone in their efforts this week to bring Nic home. We are happy to be "whole" again. Please continue to pray and keep Nic and Amanda Hamilton in your thoughts as they get Nic the care he needs.

The San Diego Audubon Society will be the charity for the next bout!

That's right! The San Diego Audubon Society will be the charitable group being promoted at this month's San Diego Roller Derby bout! SDRD helps out a local charitable cause at each of their home bouts - and this month it's the San Diego Audubon Society! You will not want to miss this event! Not only will you enjoy some great roller derby, but there will also be opportunity drawings where you have a chance to win some great prizes!

San Diego Audubon Society will also have a booth set up at the bout where you can get more information about how they are working to protect birds and other wildlife through education, while advocating for a cleaner, healthier environment. Pick up info on upcoming San Diego Audubon events and how you can get involved. All the action happens on Saturday, May21st. Tickets are $12 general admission and children 5 and under are FREE! Your ticket also gets you entry to the open skate session following the bout, so you can stay and skate afterward (skate rental is an extra $4). If that's not for you, then be sure to check out the after party where you can have a chance to hang out with all the derby gals at the High Dive.

If you want to learn more about the San Diego Audubon Society you can check out their website at or like them on facebook at