Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Your Head Still Spinning? (10/09 Bout Recap)

I know mine still is. And it’s because of the highly energetic and tough bout the San Diego Roller Derby Rockettes played against the ladies from Derby Revolution of Bakersfield Privates. The game started off to an early lead by the Rockettes with spectacular jams by up and coming jammers such as Buns of Fury, Snow Bunny on Wheels, Crystal Breeze by You, and veteran derby player, Supersize N’. However, DRB didn’t allow the end of the first half to come to a close, without a point rally big enough to make the Rockettes nervous. And with good reason.

Half time began with the announcement of the successful MS Society fundraiser (you can still donate!). Every bout, SDRD is dedicated to a worthy charity that has ability to improve the livelihood of those they cater to. This month, SDRD raised enough money to provide well over 20 hours of home care for people with this progressive MS. However, the fight against MS didn’t and shouldn’t end at half time, you can still donate by visiting the main National MS Society Website or by pledging on behalf of SDRD. Every bit counts and makes all of us derby girls smile.

At the start of the second half it was clear the battle wasn’t just between SDRD and DRB. The fans were battling it out, chanting support loudly for their favorite team unlike ever experienced before at Skateworld. It began with a grumble that shouted “DRB! DRB DRB!”, that was quickly muted by “ Rockettes, Rockettes, Rockettes!”, only to be overtaken by a mixture of both sides shouting so loudly, the first lines up from both teams didn't hear the starting whistle of the second half, causing a few second of confusion among players.

Like so began the second half and the battle of who can get lead jammer status. No one knows what the coaches mentioned to the girls at half time, but whatever it was, both teams came back to fight stronger. Lead jammer seemed to alternate between teams every jam. Although all the Rockettes played a great game, there seemed to be a friendly competition between Berry Nasty, Tutu Tuff, and Berle Scout to see who could knock more girls off their wheels. The same could be said about the Privates own Fugitive, Ms. Hostility, Boarder Bandit and Wyld Wiccan. It was non-stop hits, just ask some of the girls, I’m sure they still feel it!

This, being one of the most exciting games the Rockettes have ever taken part in, was a game that came down to the last 30 seconds/final jam of the bout. The Rockettes needed to hold the Privates jammer, and with that hold on to the lead, while the Privates needed, by any means necessary, to get their jammer through. After what seemed an eternity, the Privates managed to create a hole just big enough for their jammer to get through to make the score 154-151, making it the Privates well deserved and very exciting first win of the season, and the Rockettes 4th bout ever played as a team.

It was indeed a very successful game. Everything just seemed to work well on that fateful Oct. 9th. This was some of the best refereeing (yes, it’s a real word) I've ever seen, it had some of the best crowd participation ever experienced at our beloved Skateworld, the charity was a great success (again, you can donate here and here) and everyone got a good bout out of it. Life is great. The pressure is now on the SDRD Starlettes to put on a great performance November 13th VS The Prison City Derby Dames, check out the San Diego Roller Derby website for upcoming tickets and info!

Also, don’t forget to check out our friends at Skateworld, San Diego’s one and only skating rink, and sign the petition, write the mayor and city council, check out the blog and join the facebook group to SAVE OUR SKATEWORLD! Please pass it on!

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